Sunday, February 9, 2014

Play it cool, kid -
                                                                           Tony Stark (Iron Man 3)
I have a biology exam  tomorrow . I have done almost all the questions of 1 marks covered in the my reference book  . I am pretty tense though I think might need some coffee to drink.
I think , this is was not my year academically but isn't that what everything is all about - Some things go your way and something's don't ! (probably worst academic year so far )
but I guess I ll kick back  soon in my last school year of class 12. Its all very surreal to me but I ll try to keep this real too. I have seen many things in my academic year and a lot is yet to seen .
As you might see , I just  quoted tony stark and this principle is something I am trying to play by so far . I ll try to keep more active on BlogSpot and this seems way more interesting to me .  I feel its like writing a diary and some one might try to read it needless to say only if they can find it . 
Warm regards ,
A. Rai  

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