Sunday, March 30, 2014

Its good to be back !! 
                                                                   - Tony Stark (Iron Man 2)
its been a while since I blogged. I have been very busy lately but more importantly, was not really motivated enough to blog. life has been going so far so good. I tend to keep my share of control on it this stable mode only, needless to say that I am a big fan of homeostasis and come on who isn't ?
I just saw Russell Crowe starrer "NOAH". The movie was terrific with a good cometogether cast of Crowe,Connelly,Watson,etc. I will probably write about the movie soon on my other blog. I am currently busy with Bio studies . Hope to write soon again. keep up!!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

"Things you'll never hear Reacher say:                                                          

this is just an head's up that I would start blogging again regularly after exams, currently its going well confusing  but lets see , I m going to change a few things . being an avid reacher fan I  am not scared of any survivable thing cause its irrational. so lets stick close homie, stranger tides ahead . lets go go go ....  

Monday, February 10, 2014

How have I missed you, Holmes (sighs)
                                                                -Dr John Watson
This is an head's up . Due to my rekindled relationship with the science of psychology . I ll start writing about my own non regarded things and theories on psychology. I had almost forgot how found I was of the fact that what made people successful? and what lead them to 99.99% perfect lives?

I have a rule. People leave me alone I leave them alone
if they don't , I don't . - Jack Reacher
people often accuse me of being socially inactive or being a little inconsiderate of what goes around me with the people in my life. Just for the record this statement is one of the wrongest (if there's a word like that), statements ever spoken keeping me is consideration.
People have a thing of tending to forget what they do , I am not sure whether they do it knowingly or unknowingly but there was a time when all of it had mattered to me a lot but now it hardly does. you know that life is short and we should learn to forget so I tried to do it myself . what happened, people starting blaming me again for being inconsiderate. its like an giant trap where people want you to be bothered for what is bothering them in short what they want you be bothered at your cost.
I developed a simple psychological path for this and yes its a philosophy followed my one of the top fictional character of all time (Jack Reacher). only be bothered about people who are bothered about others are just smoke . learn to differentiate between real and unreal. this is all I have to provide so far, will try to keep posting my views on different things 

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Play it cool, kid -
                                                                           Tony Stark (Iron Man 3)
I have a biology exam  tomorrow . I have done almost all the questions of 1 marks covered in the my reference book  . I am pretty tense though I think might need some coffee to drink.
I think , this is was not my year academically but isn't that what everything is all about - Some things go your way and something's don't ! (probably worst academic year so far )
but I guess I ll kick back  soon in my last school year of class 12. Its all very surreal to me but I ll try to keep this real too. I have seen many things in my academic year and a lot is yet to seen .
As you might see , I just  quoted tony stark and this principle is something I am trying to play by so far . I ll try to keep more active on BlogSpot and this seems way more interesting to me .  I feel its like writing a diary and some one might try to read it needless to say only if they can find it . 
Warm regards ,
A. Rai  

Friday, February 7, 2014

My Experiments with truth

     "There's a storm coming, Mr Wayne " -Selina Kyle (Catwoman) - The Dark Knight Rises"
It took me a long time to arrive at blogging. I have recently started blogging so I am going to get to know this fascinating world and also I want to learn to type fast so that's some of the reasons.

All Right!! this is my first writing so lets get the introductions to go mode. Here is some facts about me -
I'm 17 years old
I am student of grade 11
I am a patriot and I love my country and my family above everything else
I am trying to pursue a carrier in field which involves the combine knowledge of Medicine as well Human Behaviour . I want to learn what makes people so successful in their respective fields.
*detailed explanation is soon to be followed* 
I am a cinema enthusiast !! More like a film junkie . Genre - Action , thriller , comedy , sci-fi, etc.
*not necessarily in that order*
Well this was a small intro of what my life is currently but hey isn't that what life is all about - THE PRESESNT -
I hope to write soon again .
Warm Regards,