Monday, February 10, 2014

I have a rule. People leave me alone I leave them alone
if they don't , I don't . - Jack Reacher
people often accuse me of being socially inactive or being a little inconsiderate of what goes around me with the people in my life. Just for the record this statement is one of the wrongest (if there's a word like that), statements ever spoken keeping me is consideration.
People have a thing of tending to forget what they do , I am not sure whether they do it knowingly or unknowingly but there was a time when all of it had mattered to me a lot but now it hardly does. you know that life is short and we should learn to forget so I tried to do it myself . what happened, people starting blaming me again for being inconsiderate. its like an giant trap where people want you to be bothered for what is bothering them in short what they want you be bothered at your cost.
I developed a simple psychological path for this and yes its a philosophy followed my one of the top fictional character of all time (Jack Reacher). only be bothered about people who are bothered about others are just smoke . learn to differentiate between real and unreal. this is all I have to provide so far, will try to keep posting my views on different things 

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